About Explorer Log App

Explorer Log –  be prepared to discover!


The Explorer Log will lead children on an exciting journey through the great outdoors and open their eyes to a wonderful world of things to explore in the world around us. 

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play app store by searching for ‘Explorer Log’ or by clicking here.

The app can be used by parents on the go wishing to encourage excitement and exploration on trips out in the fresh air without needing to prepare an activity before they go. The app is aimed at children aged 4 – 12 and can be used on short walks and visits, or on longer trips lasting full days in any weather conditions and outdoor environment.

Some suggested ‘kit’ to accompany the app as per the ‘Explorer’s Check List’ is as follows:

– A useful bag (ready for collecting things)

– A map (or possibly the use of a map app)

– Wellies and a coat/suncream and a hat

– A pencil, crayons and a notebook would be a great addition too, but can be used at home afterwards if not accessible for the trip.


Enjoy your journey!…

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