About B-Cubed

Hi, my name’s Jonathan and I am 13 years old. My interests are astronomy, photography, technology, climbing mountains, and outdoor activities.

I created the Explorer Log app with the help of my sister and brother in law (Melanie and David) and we became B-Cubed. My sister works for a local authority as an Arts Development Officer. One of her recent projects was the creation of a sculpture trail in an area of woodland where she works. Knowing that I love technology and computer coding, she asked me if I wanted to make an app for her trail. My initial response was, “I have no idea how to create an app!” But, I quite fancied the challenge and am very excited that with their support, I have now created and launch my first ever app.

I love technology, and I love the outdoors. So many of my friends spend all their time indoors with their computers and games consoles, and it feels good to find a creative way to use this technology to get people into the fresh air and exploring the great outdoors. 


The B-Cubed Team – Jonathan, Melanie and David


One thought on “About B-Cubed

  1. Jonathan I am so impressed with what you have done. I have worked with your sister on the woodland sculpture trail and think that your app is a great way to encourage kids into the outdoors with their i-pads and phones (which are a very big part of their lives). Jules

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